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personal branding meets social recruiting 


eOLIO derives from the word e-portfolio. We provide easy-to-use online tools to create personally branded, easily sharable e-portfolios. Create, share, search, apply.



Locate, pre-screen and acquire talent with easy-to-use online tools. Post job opportunities, easily search and filter through candidates with just a click. Don't you want to know your candidates better?


Learn more about how we're transforming the way people create the personal brands they want and how recruiters' locate the quality talent they need.



We see a lot of social media tips out there on how to get more followers, growing online networks, how to get more clicks and higher engagement but they often cater to the business side of social media marketing. On the other side of that coin is how we, as individuals can use the same strategies to advance our own brands. This kind of branding is called Personal Branding...

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